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HEATSHRINK TUBING -   Largest stocking supplier of Polyolefin, Kynar and Elastomer Tubings.  Flexible, semi-rigid and rigid heatshrink tubings.  2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios available. Thin wall, dual wall, heavy wall and encapsulant.

BRAIDED SLEEVING -   General purpose sleeving, heavy duty, high temperature, advanced engineering sleeving, electrical insulation sleeving, specialty sleeving.

CABLE ZIP TIES - ACTFS Cable Zip Tie products - used in industrial cable management for electronic, electrical, HVAC, and other specialty applications.

HEATGUNS - Steinel brand Heat Guns imported from Germany. The best performing, highest quality heat guns we have come across. 

HEATGUN ACCESSORIES - Expand the use of your Steinel heat gun with over a dozen nozzle adapters. 

HOT GLUE GUNS - Steinel brand Hot Melt Glue guns imported from Germany. 

KROY K5100 & CARTRIDGES - On-the-job, battery operated heatshrink printer.  Print text, graphics, logos, bar codes and data records.  Maximum label width: 1" (25.4mm).  Maximum label length: 20" (508mm).  

HOT KNIFE - Bench mount hot knife enables the user to draw the braided sleeving or rope down across the knife blade - under tension.  Both hands are then free to manipulate the sleeving or rope and to seal and flare the ends. Warms up in less than 30 seconds.  Will cut through a 1" nylon line in ten seconds.  Tool should be used in well ventilated areas.

SAMPLES - Samples may be requested online. You must create a login to order samples. Sample sizes of heat shrink and braided sleeving is not longer than 6 inches.During checkout, please enter into the comment field what you would like as a sample. Some products are not available as samples due to cost or availability. Multiple sample requests require multiple items added to your cart.

OVERSTOCK / BARGAINS - Excess stock either from end cuts, spool over-runs or mis-cut product.