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  B2: Use for color coding of cables.

 SM12: Printed for labeling. 

02B2: Hold Techflex in place.

 Techflex: Improves appearance by bundling wires.


O2B2: Use on the end of corrugated tubing to seal around wires.


Techflex: Resists abrasion and improves appearance.

O2B2: Shrink to hold techflex in place.


W3B2(4X): Use for strain relief; slip over a large connector and shrink to small wire.


B2(4x): 4:1 shrink ratio, use over large connectors for easy to install strain relief.


Techflex: Bundle cables for clean appearance.

SM12:Use to label cable lines.


O2C: Waterproof; can be used to help seal damaged areas.


O2B2: Use to prevent rope ends from fraying.


SM12: Easily label tools with sizes or your name for easy reference.


W3B2 or O2B2: Harness and tack use. Prevents fraying and chafing.


Reflex: Reflects light for safety. Easily installed on bicycle and motorcycle cables.